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Helfen is a building surveying company which provides advice and assistance around building failures - particularly those related to 'leaky buildings'.

Our expertise covers the investigation of leaky buildings, as well as the steps to repair such buildings - effectively redesigning and rebuilding them to provide a more desirable, healthier and safer environment.


better relationships

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Within the building industry we have forged unprecedented relationships with Building Consent Authorities nationwide as well as with expert consultants in New Zealand and around the world.  These trusted relationships help us provide the most reliable, thorough and timely information which ultimately helps achieve the best result for our clients.

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better technology

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We acknowledge that our performance depends ultimately on the skills, talent and commitment of our people.  To complement their expertise, Helfen invests in the latest technology to provide efficient and precise understanding of the causes of building failure.  This enables exceptional diagnosis of the issue and faciliates the most effective solution design.

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better people


Helfen takes pride in the calibre of our people - both in their individual expertise and their combined strengths as a team.  We recognise individual building and client needs are unique and aim to match the individual skill sets of our people to the requirements of the project.  This ensures the most effective result for our clients and for Helfen.

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