investigative services

Helfen provides advice to individuals or organisations who wish to investigate any issue relating to building failure which may arise from leaks,  material failure or design faults. 

Our involvement may include destructive or non-invasive testing of buildings and specific component testing.  We pride ourselves in 'getting our hands dirty' to get to the heart of the problem.  Over a number of years we have developed highly effective methods of collecting and presenting evidence in a clear, concise and cost effective manner.  This, together with our knowledge of issues around building failure has proven to be invaluable in achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

Comprehensive and well documented investigative work is vital for anyone wishing to recover costs or defend legal claims relating to building failure.  We are experienced in acting as expert witness at mediations, adjudications and High Court hearings.  We pride ourselves in offering a high quality service with unquestioned integrity.