remedial services

Many individuals or organisations may have to consider the repair of a building that has failed in some manner, whether due to leaking or site problems.  Such repairs may include the redesign of parts of existing buildings or the replacement of inferior materials to provide a safer and healthier environment.

Helfen offers a remedial design service that provides appropriate plans and specifications tailored to suit your building.  In addition, Helfen is able to provide all Building Consent, tendering and contract documentation specific to your project.  Once any building work commences we can assist our client in ensuring a good standard of repair through the provision of contract administration services.

We encourage our clients to consider cost effective design changes that may enhance the use and appearance of the building, and ultimately increase it's value and reduce future risk.  We are always mindful of the fact that clients who have to undertake repairs often do not do so through choice.  They are often constrained by budgets and therefore cost saving without compromise is paramount in our approach.